My Life Up to Now...

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In my high school freehand drawing class, my art teacher Mr. Moody, 

was never happy (aptly named) with me because I was always

drafting houses and not sketching.  

My art skills were pretty good then, but my brother in law 

saw me trying to draw a house one day; 

 I owe a lot to my brother in law.  He walked me down the aisle, 

but first, he gave me some architectural templates and 

better ruler to draw a straight line.  I have had the itch to 

design homes ever since.  Thanks, Bo.

In 1980, in college, I set out to major in Art History, 

I even thought I wanted to teach.   Alas, challenges happened and I had to eat...  

In time, I went to Interior Design School and received a diploma in 1988.  

Since then I have worked in many facets of the industry.  

 I have worked in front and behind the scenes of 

Design and Home Interiors.   

And more life happened...  

After 30 years and two kids (grown)  I am still in-love with Design.  I will, no doubt, always love being creative and immersing myself 

with color, fabrics, natural texture, metal, wood, stone and 

all that comes from a myriad of design elements.

I love designing homes and their interiors.   

When I am doing this I am happy.  

You are not going to see a classic portfolio from me.  

Rather, I have the skill to take what you Love and make sure it becomes well thought out and planned to feel and express the taste and balance in which you want to Thrive!

Most people these days are going Online to find their Look and Style.....from Fashion to Furnishings. Finding what you like and don't like moves quickly these days.  Choices and Solutioncs can be a click away. 

Bring your dreams, Show Me Your Look, or we will Discover it together and we will make your home more like YOU than you originally thought IT could be!

I have relationships established with wonderful companies that design and create incredible furnishings and talented craftspeople who build and forge, 

and all of them will be UNCOMMON!

So bring me your dreams and ideas and let me build them in 3D first 

and then we WILL know what YOUR future looks like!

Life Style Residential Planning   and   Renovation/Remodel‚Äč

Please call to make an appointment to meet in your home

 or somewhere else over coffee!