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"If the plan doesn't work change the plan but never the goal."

James Arthur Ray

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 Professionally Insured

Full Service Interior Design

Space Planning

 Customization of Interior Structures and  Features 

Affixed and General Lighting Design

 Flooring and Area Rugs

Window Treatments

Furniture and Upholstery

Art and Accessories

And More!

Purchasing Options are available.  

Creative Conceptual Planning on CAD

For New Build & Remodel

Meet with Me First, 

to Design Your Dream and then

We will Find Your Dream Builder!

 This service saves time, reduces change orders and is VERY affordable. 

 I will sit down with you to creatively Interpret your Vision into a floor plan.  

Then send it to our Drafting Professional to create the Construction Documents. 

(Additional services and costs by an Architectural Drafter and Engineering Professional will be required 

for New Building Documents.)

House Plan Evaluation

Bring Us Your Plan

Many times space planning challenges are caught by another pair of eyes.  

We are trained to catch problem areas

Change Orders = Big $ 

 By the time an Interior Designer is brought in, it can be too late because the building process has started.

 Initiating a relationship using this service with KCID establishes a 

conservative approach to expenditures, 

right from the beginning. 

Pro to Pro

Realize the Potential for Your Project and Use the Latest in Materials, Fixtures, and Finishes.

I will be happy to Work with Your Clients to Expedite Your Schedule as 

You Build their Dream! 

Builder Assistance Program

The Builder’s Assistance Program is a service that helps to support the critical time tables you have and your desire to bring greater value that will satisfy your Client.  This Program is designed to offer you three areas of assistance as needed.  We can customize services to fit just a small area of need and increase them as desired.  A written confirmation will be created to feature just what the Contractor requires in services from KCID.  Typically my services are priced per square foot, however, sometimes an hourly rate is more helpful.

• #1 Interior Design Solution & Selections

• #2 FF&E Sourcing & Specification for the Client with time to make selections

• #3 Interior 3D Visualization and Walk-Through *see explanation below 

KCID Encourages the Builder & Client with help for;

Achieving confidence that the existing drafted plans are functional, flow well and are prepared to receive the specified decorative finishes, attached fixtures, and furnishings.  Space Planning is critical to a successful floor plan.  This service is always included in service #1 but can also cross over into #2.

• More importantly, our service helps the builder to control costs such as those that come from client-driven change orders. Thus, it is more valuable to the builder, which means more bottom line comfort for your client.

Note: Project Support/Supervision During Construction is Additional.  Time Packages are available.

Note: KCID works with the Client to choose all of the FF&E and the exterior selections indicated below using the Builder’s resources.

Exterior Specification,using Builder’s vendors:

Exterior Doors, Windows and Garage Doors


Paint Color

Special Stone and Stucco

Exterior Concrete Design and Finish

Interior Specification: using Builders vendors

Flooring Design and Specifications

Base, Case and Trim

Wall Texture and Special Finishes


Doors and Hardware

Cabinetry and Hardware

Appliance Selections

Fixture Selections

Fireplace Design and Special Applications

Designing for Special Kitchen and Bath Wall Applications such as Tile and Stone

Decorative Lighting and Planning

Working with AVI Specialists

**Interior 3D Visualization and Walk-Through includes;

Visualization of Exact or Similar Designer Finishes

A Doll House View or Views

A Walk-Through Recording

All submitted to the Client and Builder

**KCID’s ability to draft exact interiors may not be possible.

This Feature of Service does not include an exterior visualization.  Without KCID creating the original plan I cannot draft an exact exterior. If the builder uses another Designer who has designed the plan using Chief Architect x10 it is possible to transfer the design file and KCID will apply interior finishes and then render the Visualization for the Client showing the complete exterior and interior.

This service does not include KCID providing Original Creative Concept Drawings/Plans or Construction Documents. That service is for Remodel and New Build Planning.

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